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Studio6.jpg pad       AfterDark Recording is located in San Francisco, Ca. It's a home studio but don't let the word 'home' fool you. This is a completely professional recording studio. (Please click on any of the pics to enlarge them.) We have been in business professionally since 1993 but the studio has been recording since 1981. That's over 25 years of recording experience!! The atmosphere at AfterDark is very comfortable and we do our best to make all our clients feel right at home, no pun intended.

      We specialize in MIDI production, Vocals, In-House Production, Post Production, Mixing and some basic mastering but we also do larger projects that require live recording of drums, bass,guitar, keyboards, percussion, etc. We have a world class microphone collection (52 and counting) that rivals that of larger studios and we are constantly adding more to our collection. Along with great microphones a studio needs to have great preamps and at AfterDark we use some of the best preamps available such as Avalon, Amek, Manley, Grace Design, Telefunken, API, Focusrite, etc.

      This is one of the reasons we can offer a great, professional, ready for Major Label sound. We offer a total of 96 tracks of recording. We have a 32 track 20 Bit ADAT system, a 64 voice Pro Tools 24 Mix 3 system with a full complement of plug ins. Afterdark is compatible with any ADAT based system and can transfer tracks from ADATS to Protools. Mixes are done using full automation!! The final mix can be recording to DAT, Protools, Alesis MasterLink at resolutions up to 24bit/96K or to an Otari MX-5050 BII 1/4" reel to reel for that warm analog sound.

Studio5.jpg pad       When it comes to mixing we have great outboard gear. We have 5 API 550A's and 3 550B's which are some of the most coveted equalizers ever made. We just added a Manley Stereo Pultec Tube EQ to our collection of equalizers. Along with some Neve designed units, we have enough classic EQ's to go around!! Our compressors include great units from Avalon, Universal Audio, Drawmer, dbx etc. Effect units from Lexicon, Yamaha, Kurzweil etc. Plus an extensive collection of Plug Ins!

      When it comes to production we have much to offer. We have a great collection of synthesizers from classics such as the Oberheim OB8, Roland Super Jupiter MKS80, etc. to newer synths such as a fully loaded Roland JV1080, Roland XV5080, Triton Rack, etc. We also have an extensive sample library that is constantly growing. We also have a collection of instruments such as Gibson, ESP, Yamaha, Martin, Guild, Ovation, Epiphone, Rickenbacher and Ibanez.

      We are constantly upgrading our equipment and will soon upgrade to Digidesign ProControl system. Not just that but we will be re-configuring the entire control room along with a Argosy Console, rewired patch bay, LCD TV's for voice over's, etc. Just check out the page with our current equipment list. The bottom line is we know how to use our equipment and we know how to make your music sound great!!

      Some of our past clientele include Warner Brothers, SF Spanish Fly, Malo, Angelina, Culann's Hounds, Checkmate Muzik, EMI/Latin, Univision, Upstairs Records, etc. Please check out our Clients page for more information on past and current clients.


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